The Fresh Prince of Dortmund

14. Januar 2009

Hier ist die Musik.

Da ist der Text (ok, hier und da holperts „ein wenig“, aber es ist möglich, den Text auf die Musik anzuwenden).

Willkommen in Dortmund, Kevin-Prince.

Now this is the story, all about how,
my life got flipped, turned upside down,
and I’d like to take a minute, just don’t get stunned,
I’ll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Dortmund.

In the West of Berlin, born and raised,
on the soccerground is where I spent most of my days,
playing and tricking, it all looked very cool,
so I didn’t spend much time inside of the school,
then a couple of guys said: „Hey, you’re very good“,
and that’s how I escaped out of my neighbourhood,
what if I stayed, I really know how it’ve been,
I naturally would have been the Prince of Berlin.

I packed all my jerseys and my shoes in my tray,
put on my sunglasses, and made me on me way,
but London was cold and I wasn’t part of the team,
that was the complete opposite of my dream,
seat in the stand is bad,
by the time I cried and were really sad,
I ask my adviser to bring me back home,
maybe even near my brother jerome.

He sent whistles home and soon it came near,
that I don’t have to stay any day longer here
there was just one problem,my price was not fair,
so i decided to waive it, I mean, I’m a millionaire!

He called up the clubs, about seven or eight
and he yelled to the coaches: „Sign him, he’s no traitor“
then Susi come’s up, and pays a small fund,
and gave him the chance, to become Prince of Dortmund.


2 Kommentare

  1. Sehr cool! Jetzt müsste man nur noch Rappen können…

  2. Ehrlich gesagt habe ich etwas Bauchschmerzen, wenn ich Kevin-Prince Boateng, Cristiano Ronaldo und Lionel Messi in einem Atemzug lese. Ohne Zweifel ist Boateng hochveranlagt (sein Bruder Jerome meiner Meinung sogar noch mehr), doch für den Durchbruch bedarf es eben auch einer gereiften Persönlichkeit. Dem BVB kann man wohl trotzdem gratulieren, denn für 100.000 Euro Leihgebühr plus Kaufoption hält sich das Risiko in Grenzen. Warten wir es ab!
    Schöner Blog im übrigen!

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